The Christopher Columbus Cemetery, Havana, Cuba

Our winter travels included Havana, Cuba. We were privileged to visit the famous Christopher Columbus Cemetery of Havana, which opened on 1886.
to see more photos of this exquisite cemetery with its marble mausoleums and sculptures honoring loved ones.
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Proving once again that cemeteries are museums without walls, here’s a collection of 5 by 7 inch post cards documenting TRAGIC EVENTS AND FATALITIES OF THE 18TH AND 19TH CENTURIES. Each post card is from a gravestone rubbing. The reproduced rubbings are printed in silver ink on black quality card stock paper. Reverse the post card to the white paper side and you can easily write your message.Click Here for more information and to see the entire collection of 10 postcards. Plus "Super Savings" for buying two packs
1 How do we do it ? We find a gravestone We love.
1 Then we carefully rub the stone.
ACCUSED OF GRAVE ROBBINGLike the witches of Salem, we have been unjustly accused.
No,We don't rob graves. Just because we love the art carved on old gravestones and then turn those designs into incredible wearable art doesn't make us grave robbers! Let's get this straight, we're just two people who love the art and symbolism displayed on ancient stones and monuments and proudly reproduce this incredibly awesome and sometimes macabre art on t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and velvet.
This season we are concentrating on escape artists, nightmarish novelists, doomed innocents and frightful fictioneers - Poe, lovecraft, Ichabod Crane, Shakespeare, Harry Houdini, Dracula, Edward Gorey and even Mother Goose.
Start here with our Shakespeare and H.P. Lovecraft designs...
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1 And finally from a silk screen of the rubbing, the design becomes wearable art.
1 Here's the finished rubbing.